Letra Adele - To Be Loved

Letra/Lyrics: Adele - To Be Loved

I built a house for a love to grow
I was so young that it was hard to know
I’m as lost now as I was back then
Always make a mess of everything
It’s about time that I face myself
All I do is bleed into someone else
Painting walls with all my secret tears
Filling rooms with all my hopes and fears
But oh my, oh my
I’ll never learn if I never leap
I’ll always yearn if I never speak
To be loved and love at the highest count
Means to lose all the things I can’t live without
Let it be known that I will choose to lose
It’s a sacrifice 
But I can’t live a lie let it be known
Let it be known that I tried 
I’m so afraid but I’m open wide
I’ll be the one to catch myself this time
Trying to learn to lean into it all 
Ain’t it funny how the mighty fall 
Looking back I don’t regret a thing
Yeah I took some bad turns
That I am owning
I’ll stand still and let the storm pass by
Keep my heart safe til the time feels right 
Let it be known that I cried for you
Even started lying to you 
What a thing to do
All because I wanted to be loved…